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Welcome to the Online Patent Search System. This search engine allows you to conduct searches for a National patent and an International Registration that have been accepted and published in the local Gazette.

The service also allows you to search on applicant’s name and grant number.

After searching our database, even if no identical or confusingly similar patent reveals, do not assume that your patent can be registered at the registry. The patent Office will conduct its own search and examination on absolute and relative grounds for new applications.

The database consists of patent applications published in the Gazette since March 21, 1921 to March 01, 2016.

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If you have entered more than one word as your search term, you can extend your search to look for patent with the individual words by changing the setting to ‘ANY of these words’.

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Search by number


This service allows you to search for a National Iranian patent and an International Registration designating Iran and published in the Patent Gazette.

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This service allows you to find published patent applications or registrations s owned by a person or company. This service does not cover patent applications before publication in the local Patent Gazette.